2013-2014 EcoHouse Group

This is a blog for the EcoHouse at Macalester College. Every year, four students apply to live in this house to practice living “green” and carrying out projects surrounding environmental sustainably. The 1950s-era house underwent significant “green” renovations in summer 2007, including the installation of a domestic solar hot water system, a recyclable steel roof, wall insulation, solar tubes, and high efficiency energy star appliances. The EcoHouse commits to buying mostly local and organic food, eating vegetarian, recycling, and composting.

This year’s residents: (from left to right in pic)

Analuna Brambila – I am an Environmental and Educational Studies major.  I’m from San Jose, California.  I love running, biking, my dog, playing piano, writing, and hiking.  My soul food is almond butter.

Molly Sowash – I am an English creative writing major also interested in studying environment, religion, and food.  I’m from Columbus, Ohio.  I love to sing, read, play guitar, cook, kayak, write, and spend lots of time outside.  My soul food is a sweet potato.

Julia Gay – I am an American Studies major with an Urban Studies concentration.  I’m from Cleveland Heights, Ohio.  I love to dance, laugh with friends, play flute, and dabble in theatre.  My soul food is a cherry.

Carly Avezzano – I am an International Studies major with a French minor.  I’m from Montvale, New Jersey.  I love writing,  traveling, exploring different cultures, going camping, eating, and conversing with good friends.  My soul food is goat cheese.



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