Conversations with Farmers

Our farmer anthology is finished! We have learned so much from this project – through our interviews with farmers, writing the  narratives, and designing the final product. Not only have we learned about organic farming, the food system, and taking care of the land, but we’ve learned how to interview people about their lives, work together, and see a project from start to finish. We have loved talking to people who care about doing meaningful work and striving for a high quality of life.

If you’re interested in reading our online copy, click here. And keep your eyes out for our story on the Macalester website.

The year has ended and we are extending our stay as long as possible. After graduation tomorrow, however, we’ll have to continue onto new adventures. This summer, Analuna will be in the warm California sun before leaving for New Zealand in the Fall. Carly will go home to New Jersey, then head off to Morrocco for study abroad. Julia will go home to Ohio shortly before going to Argentina for wwoofing and study abroad. Molly will work at Moonstone Farm for the summer before returning to Mac, then studying abroad in Nepal in the spring.

We will miss this house – the out-of-tune piano, extremely comfy couches, front window, cast iron skillet, and family-cooked meals. But we are excited to pass it on to next year’s members and try out a new living situation.


Peace, the EcoHouse


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