2014-15 EcoTeam: Bio and Mission

For all you EcoHouse fans out there desperately waiting for new blog posts, you might have noticed some drastic changes. Yes, citizens, the rumors you’ve heard are true…


LOOK! Up in the sky! Not a bird, nor a plane…. It’s the ECOTEAM!


Last year’s EcoHouse residents have been replaced (though their posts have all been gathered in the ‘2013-2014 Project’ category, for posterity). We, the EcoTeam, have stepped up to take their place. Comprised of Sustainably Savvy Superwoman, Waste-reducing Wonderwoman, and Locavore-ous Lavagirl, the EcoTeam fights resource mismanagement wherever it may be. Ultimately, our goal is to prove to ordinary citizens such as yourselves that it doesn’t take an Eco Hero to live sustainably- after all, even the EcoTeam are everyday people behind the masks and the spandex.


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